12 of the last 14 adoption profile consultations have already resulted in matches! Adoptive parents have been chosen days, weeks and a couple months after using our services. - October 2010

Have you painstakingly struggled with the right words for your parent profile? AdoptionConnections.ca is proud to offer adoptive parents the unique perspective of a birthmother who chose her child’s parents based on their profile.

Shelley read what seemed like a truckload of profiles while searching for the right adoptive parents for her son. There were profiles that she immediately discarded after reading only a few paragraphs and others that drew her in right from the beginning. What made the difference?

Over the years since Shelley’s son was placed for adoption, a large number of couples have sought her feedback on their profile. Some couples that had waited a long time for a match were chosen shortly after receiving her feedback and making the suggested changes. There are specifics that make your profile stand out and encourage a woman considering adoption to keep reading.

Shelley will share tips with you on how to make your profile all that it can be. In addition to these tips, she will speak with you about how to pick ideal photos and what topics you should cover in your profile. Don’t know where to start? Before you write your profile, Shelley would be pleased to speak with you, as well as provide feedback once your profile is completed. In addition, she will also take a second look at your profile once the suggested changes have been made.

Shelley cannot write your letter for you as it needs to reflect what is in your hearts and your true feelings. With a little direction, encouragement and feedback you CAN write an amazing profile!

In addition to being a birthmother, Shelley has a social work degree (HBSW) and worked in child welfare for six years, therefore recognizes the importance of confidentiality. She will respect your right to privacy and will not share your information with anyone.

For the flat rate of $249.00 you can have a birthmother who is willing to give you her honest feedback and the personal attention that your profile requires and deserves. For more information, please contact Shelley anytime at shelley@adoptionconnections.ca.

Here is what a few happy parents have to say about this service:

"When I first read about the service and looked at the price it seemed high to me. I really didn’t know exactly what kind of feedback you would have. My thoughts were something like this “we have spent so much time on this and got feedback from friends and family so how many more changes could there be…so should we really spend this money if no major changes come out of it”. Of course you have made so many awesome suggestions and changes so it has been MORE than worth it but people don’t know that when they go into it."
- Kurt (& Susan)
(Chosen by a birthmother days after using this adoption profile consultation service.)

"Thank you so much for offering this service and for your support and advice concerning our profile. This wouldn't have happened without your website, Adoption Connections!"
Take care,
Carm & John
(Chosen by a birthmother who found them on Adoption Connections Parent Registry)

"Wow, definitely worth the money! Thank you so so much!"
- Chantalle & Ryan

Hi Shelley - THANK YOU so much for your comments on our letter! I now think we have a better idea of what the letter should look like. We’ll take another crack at it and will send it back to you along with some pictures we’re thinking of including in the profile. THANKS AGAIN for all your help!!
- Sara & Adam
(Chosen by a birthmother after Adoption Connections helped improve their profile letter.)

"Just wanted to share with you that your magic with our profile paid off! We have had a birthmother contact us and it has been pretty positve thus far. So thanks - she said she was really drawn to our profile and it jumped out at her and seemed really real. Thank you so much!"
- Natalie & Mark
(Quickly chosen by a birthmother following profile letter consultation.)

"We like the changes you have made to our profile and have accepted all. Thank you for all your hard work. We also were more detailed in certain areas as per your recommendation and I think the profile conveys a little more about who we are."
- Enza & Pieter
(Chosen by a birthmother after revamp of adoption profile letter.)

"WOW you put a lot of work and care and love into this. You've done an excellent job!! It has much more texture and feeling than the original we sent to you. We have spilled ourselves onto the pages. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR PATIENCE AND TIME!!!! WOW -- A MILLION THANKS!"
- Susan & Kurt

"We needed advice from someone with experience and expertise and we would have paid whatever we had to. Your fee is a small amount for what could lead to something priceless.

Your work is valued and necessary. It's not just the editing, but the supportive attitude with which you communicated with us too. Keep up the great work! It is important to many people. Thank you!"
Wendy & Brian
(Chosen by a birthmother who found them on Adoption Connections Parent Registry)

"By the way, all of the licensees we’re working with have commented on how great our profile is!! Thank you for all your help!"
Sara & Adam

“I met Shelley via the internet in 2003 when she was pregnant and looking for adoptive parents for her son. As I become aware of her story and how adoption has intimately touched her life, I developed a great respect for Shelley. I watched her go from a woman who needed others to support her to one that went out of her way to support others.

I have read many of Shelley's thoughts on adoption and on how the process worked for her. Her story has not always been positive. She overcame a number of obstacles in hopes of finding wonderful parents for her son, including struggling through a failed match. She struggled through her grief and through the beginning stages of a relationship with her son's adoptive parents. It clearly hasn't always been easy. Even while struggling herself Shelley was always willing to help others in need. That's why I became fond of her.

I also learned so much from Shelley due to her being so open to sharing the details of her journey with others. She offered complete strangers a look into what the adoption process is like from a birthmother's perspective. Up until I had met Shelley, I had not given much thought to the birth parents side of the equation as I was so engulfed with my own emotions and needs. She shared the details of her journey with an openness I have not seen elsewhere. Shelley has worked hard over the past four yrs to educate others about adoption. Given my admiration of Shelley it was on a whim, in 2006, that I sent her my profile and asked for her feedback. She didn't hesitate to do this for me.

Although I offered Shelley payment for her work on my profile, she refused any monies. She only said that she enjoyed helping others and she wouldn't accept any payment. Six days after I redid my profile, I got the call that changed my life! The darling boy that became my son was born six weeks after that phone call. I couldn't thank Shelley enough for providing me with the feedback that she did....it really made a difference.

After such a wonderful experience, I suggested my friends who were hoping to adopt a second child, seek Shelley's advice on their profile. They did so when their profile had received no response after eight months. After Shelley's feedback on their profile, they made changes and sent their profile back out to their social workers. As a result of that profile, they are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy!

Given my personal experience as well as my friend's experience in working with Shelley, I would recommend anyone who hopes to adopt and are not getting the response they desire from their profile, contact Shelley. Thank you so much Shelley for what you did for my family.”
- Much Love Lisa

“I emailed Shelley in 2005 asking for her input on my profile. We had never spoken to each other before and yet she was happy to assist me. She made some suggestions on what to change in my profile and three and a half months later my husband and I brought home the apple of our eyes, a daughter, Madison. Shelley, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We truly believe that we wouldn't be parents today had it not been for your input on our profile.”
- Sandy and Dale

“In January 2005, I had the pleasure of first coming in contact with Shelley. She opened my eyes to what it's like to be a birth parent. I shared my grief about my infertility with Shelley and she just listened to me and that's what I really needed at the time. When I finally got to the point where I was creating our profile, Shelley enthusiastically shared her thoughts with me. She read my letter over when I thought I was done with it and well, it became a different profile by the time we really were done with it. In early 2007, my husband and I became parents for the first time. Some of our birthmom's favorite parts of our profile came about as a result of Shelley's input. I believe we were chosen due to the information she shared with us. When it comes to being parents, Shelley has been one of our most enthusiastic supporters. We don't have the words to say what we feel for Shelley as there aren't any words that would express how grateful we are to her for all her help. Best of luck in all you do Shelley.”
- P_T
Names withheld at the request of the writer